Notes of discussion

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Author: Luke Emmet

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Description: Discussion at Bieleschweig


Plan for workshop on comparing methods

Introduction by Jens

Possibly plan follow up workshop to compare methods with benchmarks - to find common ground. Jul-2003?

Could analyse methods by common criteria - to identify pros and cons of the different methods.

    doc'n availability priority SOL STAMP WBA KIN ...
        Fahlbruch Leveson Ladkin Slovak  
examples contact person              
*Ladbrooke Grove Lemke available on web 1 (x) (x) x (x)  
Brühl (Germany) Lemke (IfEV) available 2 (x) (x) (x)    
*Royal Majesty Emmet (Adelard) available on web 1 (x?)   (x)    
*Überlingen Miller (FHG)? available from standard sources 1 (x)   (x)    
Y2K Berlin ? ? 1          
Tokai Moura Fahlbruch (TU B) ? 1          
Chinook Ladkin (RVS)? one report on web 2          
*KLIKBCA Wiryana (RVS) yes but in Indonesian 1     x    
Friendly Fire Ladkin (RVS) ? - needs books 1   x (x?)    

KIN: Karnal Instance

Need to only use reference documentation

Need to have experts/caretakers for the methods/notations.

Proposed dates:


Discussion on criteria for evaluation

Criteria for evaluation

Chris Johnson (Glasgow Uni) - comparative example for workshop in 2001

Johnson & Michael Holloway (NASA Langley)

List of Criteria

An initial list:

Putting it all together - Ladkin

Priorities for these may be different for different industries/domains.

Proposal to have a handbook - 1 page per criterion - what is expected in evaluation - per evaluation criterion. With 2 parts:

Fahlbruch et al may have already covered some of this

German and English versions to be made available