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Appendices B-F from the Boeing B757-223 Cali Accident Report

prepared and edited by Marco Gröning

9 May 1997

Preparer's Note

The Appendices were scanned from a photocopy of the report using Deskscan II. Sizes of most figures were in the region of 450K-600K. The figures were then worked over by hand with Paint Shop Pro version 4.12 shareware, to reduce them by an order of magnitude or more without losing (and in some cases actually enhancing) readability. Nevertheless, in Appendix F, some of the annotations to the FMC readouts are difficult or impossible to read, as they were in the original.

There are 24 pages of CVR readout (Appendix B), 2 Approach charts (Appendix C), 1 Operating Manual page (Appendix D), 2 photographs of the wreckage (Appendix E), and 5 pages of FMC readout (Appendix F).

Appendix E, the photographs, are in JPEG format. The rest of the pages are in GIF format.

These files total about 1.2MB. Whoever wishes to look at all of them may wish to download the file, which is a compressed archive file in tar format. After transferring and saving, preferably in its own directory with name <filename>, this file may be uncompressed with unzip <filename> and un-tar-ed with tar xvf <filename>, which automatically extracts the GIF and JPEG files, which may then be viewed using a browser or other tool. ZIP and TAR programs are standard for Unix. Windows95 or NT users may wish to download one from the shareware source TUCOWS, which is a list of mirrors of Winsock shareware available on the TUCOWS sites, for example, one of the German sites is Reutlingen-TUCOWS. Utilities with both ZIP and TAR are WinPack-Deluxe, WinTar-Remote (which I used) and Turbo ZIP, to be found under Tucows Windows95/NT Compression Utilities.

M. Gröning.



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Cali VOR DME Rwy 19 Approach Chart Cali ILS Rwy 01 Approach Chart


from American Airlines 757/767 Operating Manual
Flight Controls, Chapter 12, page 11, dated 5/10/89


Photographs of Wreckage (E-2)


Route Pages prior to impact
Reconstructed from the Accident Flight Management Computer

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