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Missing Links

Certain organisations whom we have linked from essays provide public information accessible at no cost over the WWW only on a temporary basis. You have reached this page because the link provided in the essay is no longer reachable.

News organisations such as CNN provide an archive service which enables constant customer access to their previously freely-available documents.

The Jeppesen-Sanderson company publishes navigation charts for use in instrument approaches and standard departures from airports worldwide. After some prominent accidents, Jeppesen has displayed digitised charts of relevant arrivals and approaches, as a public interest gesture. As explained to me by a Jeppesen representative after I inquired where they had gone, these are removed from the WWW site typically after a month and are not made available on a continuing basis, except to subscribers to Jeppesen's chart service. Even so, only current charts are ever provided by Jeppesen to susbscribers or the public.

Thus the charts for the relevant arrivals and approaches were provided electronically by Jeppesen for the Cali, Dubrovnik and Guam accidents for a short while, and these charts have in any case been been superceded by new versions since various parameters have changed.

To help us maintain the archive, we invite the reader to send us reports of further bad links which may be found.
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