simpleGMapAPI is a PHP class for using the Google Maps API (and Googles and OpenStreetMaps geocoding APIs) in your PHP code and to display Google Maps easily on your site - with support for StreetView.

First of all, this is an early release (version 0.1) of the new class and it is still in development and needs lots of improvements and some features added. You will need PHP 5 to use simpleGMapAPI.
simpleGMapAPI is derived from Phoogle Maps 2.0 (, so credits go to Justin Johnson @ systemsevendesigns.

Since the Google Maps API has evolved to version 3 - and Phoogle Maps is based on the Google Maps API version 2 - I decided to do a rewrite of Phoogle Maps rather than extending/changing it. Just because version 3 of the Google Maps API is also a complete rewrite and features a new way of using the API.
First thing you will notice with version 3 is that the API key is no longer needed. You don't have to apply for a new API key for every domain you want to have a map at.
Next thing is that the version 3 API uses a new namespace: google.maps. In the previous versions of the API there were lots of global variables (noted with a capital G at the beginning). The new namespace makes the code much more readable, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to expand.

Take a look at a simple demo of simpleGMapAPI.