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Peter Bernard Ladkin's Home Page

I am Professor of Computer Networks and Distributed Systems and lead the group of the same name, but known after its German initials as the RVS Group, in the Faculty of Technology at the University of Bielefeld in Germany. Our contact coordinates and most other information including publications are available through the group's Home Page.

My interests nowadays lie in system safety and the failure analysis of complex heterogeneous systems. I am the originator of the Why-Because Analysis (WBA) method of causal analysis of incidents, which has been adopted as company standard by Siemens Transportation Systems Rail Automation and Mass Transit Divisions; as well as Ontological Hazard Analysis (OHA) for relatively-complete hazard analysis and maintenance of safety requirements during refinement in safety-related system development.

I have also worked in the past on the analysis and optimisation of parallel programs; constraint satisfaction methods and temporal reasoning; and logical, philosophical and ethical issues in computing.

Here's a potted biography.

I blog at Much of my writing from 1995-present may be found on the RVS Group Publications Page. My writing previous to 1995, as well as publications with origins in other publications before 1995, may be found on my pre-1995 publications page. (Publications which do not have electronic versions are not included.)

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