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Peter Ladkin's Publications Before 1995


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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Articles and Chapters with their origins in work published previously to 1995, as well as those publications previous to my appointment to the chair in Bielefeld in 1995, are included here.

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My Ph.D. Thesis

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  • The Logic of Time Representation [ Abstract | Postscript | DVI ]
    My thesis was written in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Ph.D. in Logic and the Methodology of Science (Tarski founded the L&M Group) at the University of California, Berkeley, granted in December 1997. For the curious, my advisor was Ralph McKenzie (Math) and the two other reading committee members were Stuart Russell (CS) and Ernest Adams (Philosophy). Examiners included also Manuel Blum (CS) and Jack Silver (Math).
    My thesis includes chapters corresponding to the following papers:
    • Primitives and Units for Time Specification (Proceedings of AAAI-86, pp354-359);
    • Time Representation: A Taxonomy of Interval Relations
      (Proceedings of AAAI-86, pp360-366);
    • Models of Axioms for Time Intervals (Proceedings of AAAI-87, pp234-239);
    • The Completeness of a Natural System for Reasoning with Time Intervals
      (Proceedings of IJCAI-87, pp462-467);
    • Specification of Time Dependencies and Synthesis of Concurrent Processes
      (Proceedings of 9th ICSE, IEEE Press 1987, pp106-115);
    • Satisfying First-Order Constraints About Time Intervals
      (Proceedings of AAAI-88, pp512-517).