Ninth Bieleschweig Workshop, Hamburg, May 14-15 2007

The Ninth Bieleschweig Workshop on Systems Engineering:
Model-based System Development; Incident Analysis

14-15 May 2007, Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg

Organised by

Bieleschweig Workshops Steering Committee

This workshop was the ninth in the regular series of Bieleschweig Workshops on System Engineering, now in its fifth year. The goals of the Bieleschweig series are

The two main themes of the Ninth Bieleschweig Workshop were model-based system development, and incident analysis. We also had two talks on the regulatory and social consequences of accidents. In addition to contributed talks from participants, we organised for the first time a small industrial trade show to give participants a chance to promote their organisation's expertise, respectively to inform themselves of the expertise of others. There was lively discussion in the show room during the slot


The Workshop took place at the headquarters of Germanischer Lloyd, Vorsetzen 35, 20459 Hamburg, on the harbor waterfront at the Ship Museum. Germanischer Lloyd were excellent hosts, providing a comfortable and well-equipped meeting room as well as sponsoring lunch on both days and the evening meal, at the Brauerei Gröninger, on Monday. The programme attracted over 30 participants, from Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.


The following talks were given:

The following companies exhibited: