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De Jaeger Quote

Peter de Jaeger wrote already in September 1993 that time was running out to `solve' the Year 2000 problem. Here is a quote from his article Doomsday 2000 at (

"Have you ever been in a car accident? Time seems to slow down as you realize you're going to crash into the car ahead you.

It's too late to avoid it - you're going to crash. All you can do is watch it happen.

The information systems community is heading toward an event more devasting than a car crash. We are heading toward the year 2000. We are heading toward a failure of our standard date format: MM/DD/YY.

Unfortunately, unlike the car crash, time will not slow down for us. If anything, we're accelerating toward disaster.

There is a good news/bad news story. First the bad news: There is very little good news. There is no way to avoid the fact that our information systems are based on a faulty standard that will cost the worldwide computer community billions of dollars in programming effort.

Perhaps more importantly, we are going to suffer a credibility crisis. We and our computers were supposed to make life easier; this was our promise. What we have delivered is a catastrophe.

The problem is twofold: the date issue itself and, more importantly, our reluctance to address the problem."