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Third Workshop, Bielefeld, 12-13 February 2004

An Event of German Chapter of System Safety Society

12-13 February 2004
Center of Interdiciplinary Research (ZiF), University of Bielefeld



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Thursday 12.02.2004: Root-Causal Analysis
1000-1015 Welcoming Comments (Ladkin)
1015-1115 Peter Ladkin, Jörn Stuphorn (RVS, Uni Bielefeld):
Analysis of a Friendly Fire Accident with WBA
1115-1200 Babette Fahlbruch (TU Berlin):
Analysis of the Br├╝hl Rail Accident with SOL-VE
1200-1330 Lunch (ZiF Restaurant)
1330-1415 Jens Braband, Ernesto de Stefano, Sonja-Lara Kurz (Siemens TS):
Comparison of Event-Based Root Cause Analysis Models
1415-1500 Timm Grams (FH Fulda):
The Three Dimensions of Risk
1500-1530 Coffee Break (ZiF Restaurant)
1530-1600 Oliver Lemke (IfEV, TU Braunschweig), Bernd Sieker (RVS, Uni Bielefeld):
Causal ML and its ciedit-Tools
1615-1800 Discussion:
RCA Technique Comparison Criteria Revisited
2000 - late Dinner at Wernings Weinstube

Friday 13.02.2004: Risk Analysis
0900-0945 Jens Braband (Siemens TS):
A Remedy for a Serious Flaw in the Risk Priority Number Concept
0945-1030 Michael Miller (FH Gelsenkirchen):
Probabilistic Risk Analysis and the Concept of Bayesian Networks
1030-1100 Coffee Break (ZiF Restaurant)
1100-1145 Claire Blackett (UC Dublin):
Analysis of the Royal Majesty Grounding Using SOL
1145-1230 Roman Slovak (IVA, TU Braunschweig):
Risk Analysis with the PROFUND Modelling Approach
1230-1400 Lunch (ZiF, as yesterday)
1400-1430 Christina Junge (FH Gelsenkirchen):
Analyse der Midair-Collision bei ▄berlingen (WBA)
1430-1600 Discussion: Visualisation
1600 End of Workshop


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Participants who attend Third Bieleschweig Workshop were (arranged alphabeticaly) :

NoName of ParticipantInstitutionemail
1 Andre Döring Uni Bielefeld RVSandre_at_rvs_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
2Avinanta TariganUni Bielefeld RVSavinanta_at_rvs_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
3Babette FahlbruchTU Berlinbfahlbr_at_gp_dot_tu-berlin_dot_de
4Bernd SiekerUni Bielefeld RVSbsieker_at_freenet_dot_de
5Bernhard WilpertTU BerlinBernhard_dot_Wilpert_at_tu-berlin_dot_de
6Christina JungeFH Gelsenkirchenchristina_dot_junge_at_web_dot_de
7Claire Blackett University College Dublinclaire_dot_blackett_at_ucd_dot_ie
8Dieter MeisnerDB AGDieter_dot_Meisner_at_bahn_dot_de
9Enrico Anders TU Dresden enrico_dot_anders_at_mailbox_dot_tu-dresden_dot_de
10Ernesto de StefanoSiemens TS ernesto_dot_destefano_at_siemens_dot_com
11Gunnar Bosse TU Braunschweig IfEVg_dot_bosse_at_tu-bs_dot_de
12I Made WiryanaUni Bielefeld RVSmwiryana_at_rvs_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
13Jan HennigUni Bielefeld RVSjhennig_at_rvs_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
14Jan Sanders Uni Bielefeld RVSjsanders_at_TechFak_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
15Jan-Tecker GayenTU Braunschweig IfEVj_dot_gayen_at_tu-bs_dot_de
16Jens BrabandSiemens TS jens_dot_braband_at_siemens_dot_com
17 Jörg May TU Braunschweig IVAmay_at_iva_dot_ing_dot_tu-bs_dot_de
18 Jörn Drewes TU Braunschweig IVAdrewes_at_iva_dot_ing_dot_tu-bs_dot_de
19 Jörn Stuphorn Uni Bielefeld RVSjoern_at_stuphorn_dot_de
20Marc FezerFH Gelsenkirchenmarc_dot_fezer_at_gmx_dot_de
21Michael MillerFH Gelsenkirchenmichael_dot_miller_at_fh-gelsenkirchen_dot_de
22Oliver LemkeTU Braunschweig IfEVo_dot_lemke_at_tu-bs_dot_de
23Peter LadkinUni Bielefeld RVSladkin_at_rvs_dot_uni-bielefeld_dot_de
24Robert LehmannDE.Consult Robert_dot_Lehmann_at_de-consult_dot_de
25Roman SlovakTU Braunschweig IVAr_dot_slovak_at_tu-bs_dot_de
26Sonja-Lara KurzSiemens TS Sonja-Lara_dot_Kurz_at_bwg1_dot_siemens_dot_de
27Stefanie SchwartzDLRStefanie_dot_Schwartz_at_dlr_dot_de
28Timm GramsFH FuldaTimm_dot_Grams_at_et_dot_fh-fulda_dot_de
29Ulrich MaschekTU Dresden u_dot_maschek_at_mailbox_dot_tu-dresden_dot_de


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Photos from Third Bieleschweig Workshop can be found in RVS Photo Album